Winter is coming ladies….

Winter is the best, snuggling up by the fire with a good book and a cup of tea, total bliss. Well it would be total bliss if I actually had a fireplace and time to read a book without getting my tea spilled all over me by a raging toddler.

I think I just love the smell of fires, don’t worry though I don’t like lighting them, although I think Iggy might. Sometimes I will light a candle in order to make my house smell nice for a change, but every time I put it on the bench Iggy will walk past it and attempt to sit by it but he is so fluffy so his tail has caught a light on a number of occasions. Now for safety reasons, my candles have been relocated.

The best part of winter is the fact that us ladies don’t have to shave our legs! Well if you’re anything like me winter has started a LOOOONNNGG time ago. Since The husband is deployed at the moment I have pretty much no reason to shave them.

Having to shave your legs is such a pain in the ass. I wish I was confident enough to just rock the hairy look but I look like I have the legs of the bear when I don’t shave. But sometimes it feels really nice to be all smooth and silky.

Well I’m child free at the moment, so I’m off to eat all of the food I’ve hidden from the Gremlin.





It’s winter here in Australia which means that I officially want to eat all of the cheeseburgers and chocolate on earth, but I don’t feel bad about it because…..well….chocolate and cheeseburgers are delicious.

But apparently the internet feels that me looking for chocolate pudding in a mug recipes is not a great idea, so it tries to help me out by offering healthier recipe versions…..Google I know you’re just trying to help out but I have two words for you…..Fuck off.

Seriously Google, I have been wearing the same pair of pajamas for the last three days, I haven’t brushed my hair and I have been eating all of my meals in bed for……We don’t need to talk about that…..Do you really think I care about the amount of calories in my little mug of heaven? If anything I will probably make it even worse by putting cream on it, and by worse I mean even better!

Google also informs me that I am “exercising all wrong” HA jokes on you Google, I haven’t been exercising at all!!! HAHAHAHA…HA HA.. HA..ha….anyway….

Well it’s really late so I should go to bed, it’s far too late for pudding… off I go….to bed…..yup….