So you’re crazy?

One thing I have noticed after my time in the crazy house is that a few people in my life don’t understand what Bipolar is and how shit things can get, but have no fear I am here to help you out!

“You don’t look depressed” Well thank you my friend, I’m glad that I don’t look as shit as I feel. People that suffer from depression are usually pretty good at pretending that they are fine. If we went around showing how awful we felt then we would walk around scaring the general public.

“You don’t have anything to be depressed about” This is one is pretty fucking insensitive, yeah I probably don’t have anything to be depressed about but that doesn’t change the fact that I AM depressed. It’s all chemical my friend, use the ye’old Google machine to educate yourself before you wreck yourself.

“Couldn’t you just try to be happy?” Could you just try not to be an asshole?

“You must get a lot done during a manic episode, your house would be so clean!” Manic episodes are great in theory and sure sometimes I do get a lot done but then when I inevitably crash and burn, there are a million different things that are only half done since I can never actually focus on one task long enough to get it finished.

The main thing that people don’t understand when it comes to manic episodes is that they aren’t always great. Manic episodes for me can get quite painful, I can’t concentrate, I get agitated and my thoughts race so much that it makes me feel sick just trying to keep up. Plus the higher I get in an episode the worse the low will be when I crash.

The best thing you can do for someone that suffers from any mental illness is just be there for them, obviously it’s important that you get them to a professional if things are looking really bad but most of the time it’s just nice to have someone to listen to you ramble about all of the craziness going on inside them. I’m very lucky to have people in my life who are there to pull me out of the darkness when I get in too deep.

Another important thing you can do is to educate yourself, it’s not hard to use Google and there are a lot of support groups out there for people who have loved ones that suffer from various mental illnesses.

So in summary, just listen and don’t be a dick.





Fifty shades of uncertainty.

Alright, so the internet is buzzing due to the global release of the fifty shades of grey trailer and there have been a lot of mixed emotions about it all. I figure I may as well throw my opinion out there.

Here is the trailer if you wish to view it.

Everyone knows that fifty shades is just a Twilight fan fiction and this becomes a lot more obvious in the trailer

“I’m incapable of leaving you alone”  a minute later “I had a rough start in life, you should steer clear of me”……Wait…What???!?!?!?

Get yourself together Edward…I mean Christian….whoever the hell you are!!

If you have been lurking around my blog for long enough you already know that I find Anastasia Steel extremely annoying. She is irritatingly naive and SHE CAN’T USE HER FUCKING WORDS!!! But from the brief glimpse I got of her in the trailer she didn’t seem AS stupid, but it’s early days.

Now for the sexy stuff. I love reading sexy books, it’s freaking hot ok! And I am very intrigued by the whole BDSM world, but a lot of people think that fifty shades will spread inaccurate information about it. Let’s be real guys, certain types of porn have been doing that for years and a lot of people already think it’s just about some hot person tying you up and whipping you with a chain…you can blame Rihanna for that one.

I’m very curious to see how they will do the movies as there is a very dark undertone and people believe that sometimes the series crosses into abusive territory and there are moments I agree with them. I could write a whole post explaining my feelings and I might do that in the future but for now I’m just going to leave this issue alone.

On a lighter note, some people are just annoyed because they don’t think the actors are hot enough. Personally I don’t care what they look like because, to be honest, I’m only going to see the movie for the sexy times…….because I’m a grown ass woman and I do what I want!!

In the end, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I would just like to point out that liking this book doesn’t make you stupid and disliking it doesn’t make you a prude! It’s all gravy baby…It’s my saying now alright, gravy is delicious…don’t judge me.


Wait…this is the same movie right?