The Gremlin

The Gremlin is now two and his interests include eating, throwing tantrums and wrestling with unsuspecting children that get too close.

I don’t know what personality I expected him to have but I definitely didn’t expect him to be so boisterous and crazy, especially since he is an only child. His current obsession is jumping off things, the higher the better, the amount of times I’ve had to catch him mid fall from the couch is ridiculous. Many of you might be thinking “Well why not just let him fall and then he might stop once he realises that it hurts” yuuuup tried that and it does not faze him, today at playgroup he got pushed off a big mat and landed on his face and he pretty much just got up and continued on with his day, meanwhile I was recovering from the small heart attack I had from seeing the fall.

The Gremlin also enjoys all things hot, especially fire, fire is his favourite. I don’t know what he is going to be once he grows up but I assume it will include eating, fire and wrestling. A fire eating wrestler maybe? Well whatever it is I hope it’s lucrative, I’d like to be put in a fancy nursing home.

Speech wise he can say a few things but the most prominent saying is “Oh shit” which is so great, especially when he is screaming it out at playgroup so all the other judgy mothers can look on in shock. His other favourite words are no, mumma, nanny and MORE lol.

Aside from that there isn’t much to report, he is growing up so fast…..but not fast enough! Come on school days!!!

Anyway, here is a picture of my kid.



Isn’t he beautiful.


Cats in wigs.

The husband is currently away to do some course for work, it goes for about 2 months but he can come home on weekends although it must be a bit annoying for him as it’s a 4-5 hour drive each way. What makes it even worse is the fact that he isn’t even home for long as he gets home on a Friday night and then has to leave around lunch time on Sunday, so he wasn’t sure if he would be able to come home every weekend.

Now during the day I trick myself into thinking that I would be fine if he didn’t come home every weekend, sometimes I get really cocky and convince myself that he could not come home for the whole 2 months and while I would miss him, I would still be totally fine….Because I’m an independent woman and I don’t need to rely on anyone!

And then the night comes to scare the shit out of me, which causes me to become nocturnal……which then makes me crazy….which ends up with me looking for more animals to adopt while searching on eBay for tiny wigs the cats could wear.

Another issue is that we have two cars but one of them needs to be serviced and I can’t drive it anyway because it’s a manual and I would probably ruin it. So I’m left without a car which makes things a bit more stressful for me, mainly because I have no way to escape if a murderer breaks in and tries to scalp me or something.

In an attempt to ease my stress he decided to leave me the car, but then he remembered that he had to take it and he felt even worse. It came time for him to leave so he kissed me goodbye and went on his way and as soon as he closed the door I started crying…..partly because I would miss him, mostly because I was anticipating the lack of sleep I would have due to my night time fears. Of course the husband forgot something and came back in to find me half ugly crying and half trying to pretend I was fine by smiling, causing me to look insane. He came over to cuddle me anyway and then he said….

“I’ll come home every weekend.”

This is why I keep him around.

Well I’m off to TRY and get some sleep……..which basically means I will lay here watching episodes of whose line is it anyway. I’ll leave you with this picture.


Look how fabulous this cat looks.