Rogue Clowns?!

There are a lot of weird things happening around the world, but the most prominent weird thing for me is this fucking clown epidemic.

Now I am not a fan of clowns at any time, but I’m ESPECIALLY not keen on them when they are lurking in the fucking darkness. Fortunately I live in a relatively small place so I’m hoping that this fad doesn’t take off around here.

I’m not even sure what I would do if a creepy clown started hanging out on my street, I would much prefer to have zombies wandering around (classic zombies though, not those crazy fast ones) because they are just programmed to eat brains! I have seen enough movies and read enough books to be able to handle them and if I fail at handling them then I can just hide/outrun them. Psycho people dressed as clowns however, I would probably have a heart attack and die before they even got to me.

I mean, I’m sure that most of the people doing this are just doing it for a laugh, but there would be a small amount of people doing it with malicious intent. All I know is that I sure as shit don’t want any sort of clown running at me when I go out to check my mail.

So until this all blows over I shall be carrying a cricket bat with me at all times.





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