It puts the lotion on the skin.

Since the tiny gremlin was at daycare today I decided that it was about time that I went and got my eyebrows waxed as I was starting to look like Ernie from Sesame street, and while I was making the appointment I thought to myself fuck it and decided to treat myself to a facial as well.

Fast forward a bit and there I was, laying in room with dim lighting, weird stuff all over my face, my eyes covered with a towel, a stranger massaging my hands while the cool stylings of Enya played in the background.

The lady started slowly moving my hand in a circular motion and while she had my hand bent backwards a bit, I pictured her casually snapping my wrist and for some reason I found it really hard to keep my shit together.

I have no idea why I found it so funny, just the idea of someone breaking my wrist while Enya calmly serenades us in the background seemed hilarious to me.

Luckily I was only in there for another 10 minutes before it was all done, and then she proceeded to helpfully show me a pamphlet of the skin care products she recommended that I use. I was thinking of buying the products she recommended until I saw that she had ticked like 7 different things she thought I needed and all of them ranged from upwards of $45….so I told her I’d think about it and then left, which basically means “I’m not going to actually think about it because I already know that I can’t afford any of that shit”

All in all it was a pleasant and relaxing experience….which was shattered as soon as I picked up the gremlin.

But for a little while, I enjoyed a life where I smelt like flowers and not weetbix.

And now for an unrelated funny picture.






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