Snape and the city.

As a teenager I loved Sex and the city, I used to skip school and hang out at my boyfriends house with my bestie, smoking cigarettes and talking about our sudden craving for cocktails. Sorry mum.

But now when I watch it as an adult, I find myself hating on it with a passion, and by it I mean Carrie Bradshaw.

This lady is an annoying idiot. Chases this one dude around for numerous seasons, crying about how he won’t commit (even though he makes it clear a few times as to what he could and could not offer her) or he won’t let her leave a toothbrush blah blah blah. But then when she finally gets him at the end of it all, she STILL bitches and whinges because he wants to stay home and watch TV with her but she wants to go out, so OBVIOUSLY the spark is totally gone…even though a few scenes prior they were having a quickie before her mates wedding….regardless! Divorce is imminent.

So off she goes, on a trip with her annoying friends where she then runs into her ex boyfriend, goes to dinner with him and then they make out a little. Then suddenly she remembers how much she loves her husband AKA, she remembers how much of a fuck around it was just to get him to marry her! Blah blah blah HAPPY EVER AFTER.

Wow….this post quickly lost control, so I apologise. I’m tired and frustrated with a grumpy gremlin, so I’m obviously taking my anger out on Carrie…..who deserves it because she is an idiot.

Anyway, I would have preferred to watch this version of the show.


“Oh Snape, you’re hilarious”


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