The bachelor games.

Recently I have started watching “The Bachelor” with a good friend of mine, we mainly watch it to make fun of it but it is strangely addictive…like crack….maybe not that intense.

For those of you that DON’T know what “The Bachelor” is, it is pretty much a show about a bunch of ladies that get put into a house so that some dude can go on dates with them all in hopes of finally finding the love of his life….more like love for the night! AMIRIGHT!!??

Each week there is a rose ceremony where he gives each girl that he wants to bone a rose, and the last lady without one has to grab her shit and vacate the premises. But before she leaves she has a chance to talk about how heartbroken she is about losing the guy she has known for all of ten minutes.

Then you have the bitchiness, which is to be expected when you have a bunch of ravenous females battling it out for the man of their dreams. But in the latest series of The Bachelor Australia, the ladies were actually getting along really well so the producers brought in some “intruders”, and then the bitchiness commenced.

The general consensus was that the “intruders” couldn’t just come into the game half way and expect to win, which is a far enough point but come on ladies! There are like 100 of you (slight exaggeration) in the house and you are all seeing the one dude! In fact there are times when you ALL go on a date with him at the same time. I think the intruders are the least of your problems.

Now I know all of the dudes out there must be thinking “Well what about us??!?” Well I got you covered, because there is actually a show called “The Bachelorette”!!!! How exciting!!! So you too can go on a television show and share a love interest with a bunch of other people! Oh happy days!

While I enjoy watching this show for the comedic value it provides (not on purpose mind you) I do think it is a fucking atrocious way to find a person to be with. They don’t see the dude outside of single or group dates…oh, and the rose ceremony where the bachelor decides who he is booting our, so how much can you really learn about a person in that time?

Oh well, whatever floats your boat ladies. But I’ll leave you with this……


Willy Wonka knows where it’s at.


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