Predictive tuxes….I mean texts.

Texting is great, well I think it’s great because it means I don’t have to make phone calls because I really hate talking to people on the phone…it just gets so awkward and weird and I end up laughing like a crazy person and saying goodbye like three times.

But a big reason I prefer texting is because of the random shit predictive text comes up with. I’m not sure what kind of process it uses in order to tell what word I am looking for, but whatever it can make certain sentences.

Her = Heterosexual

Today = Tuppence, It isn’t even a common word! I only use it when I’m singing along to the Mary Poppins soundtrack….which isn’t even that often….shut up.

Girls = Firms

Idiot = Odour, which can still mean the same type of thing I suppose.

Loud = Lloyd?!?!? I don’t even KNOW a Lloyd!

Fruit = Gross

Chocolate = Cochlea, I always correct this one because when I’m asking the husband to bring me home some chocolate, I DO NOT want him getting confused. I’m pretty aggressive when it comes to chocolate.

Most of the time I will correct my phone when it goes decides to rogue but sometimes I just leave it, because I think it’s freaking hilarious and I enjoy confusing my friends and family…and sometimes strangers if I text to the wrong number.


This happens to me a lot more frequently than I care to admit…..


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