Babies vs. Aliens

People will tell you many different things about pregnancy, some people will tell you that it’s a beautiful experience and all that junk and then you will have a few honest people who will tell you the truth…..It sucks and it gets super weird.

I won’t bore you with the reasons why, just take my word for it….Anyway, for about a month or so I have been able to feel the little gremlin (That’s his nickname and I mean it in the most endearing way possible I swear) kicking and moving about like he is having some kind of disco party. Many people told me that feeling your baby move is such an amazing feeling and sure, there are times when I feel a little bump and it makes me smile….but then the gremlin suddenly took a liking to my ribs, and I started to feel less lovely about the whole affair.

These days you can actually see my stomach jiggle and bounce when he starts to practice his bend it like Beckham moves. The husband and I will sometimes just watch my belly, now I’m not sure how most people react to this kind of stuff but our reaction generally tends to be a mixture of awe and terror.

I suppose it doesn’t help that one of my favourite movies just happens to be Alien and for Christmas the husband got me all four movies, which means that I pretty much expect my pregnancy to end like this….


People assure me that this isn’t the way childbirth occurs….but I have my doubts.

Oh well, if you see this little creature dancing about, there is a good chance that it is my child. Isn’t he beautiful!


Well if he fails to be a natural born killer, he always has his dance skills to fall back on.


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