Goodbye 2014, ya big freak!

Salutations my friends,

Sorry I have been absent for so long, writers block overtook my life but I’m slowly coming out of it….I think.

Quick life update, I’m now 23 weeks pregnant and we found out that I’m having a boy which is pretty exciting. The husband is on holidays so he is deliriously happy and it’s nice having him home all the time, especially after his 2 month stint away on course. The cats are just living their lives, they haven’t attacked the tree this year but I suppose now that the poor thing look so dilapidated they have just taken pity on it. I never thought it would be possible for a plastic Christmas tree to look so dead but apparently it is.

So the year is almost over….2014, you were a bit of a bastard but you did have some good moments. I have medium to high hopes for 2015 though and I do have some goals, I won’t call them resolutions because that puts far too much pressure on it all. Here are a couple of my smaller goals but I’d rather keep the bigger ones to myself… case I end up ditching them and just watching cartoons instead.

One of my goals is to brush my hair more frequently, so when I take my hair ties out my hair actually falls naturally instead of just staying in the bun formation.

I’d like to be a bit more healthy, not for weight loss but in hopes it helps to improve my mental state….I think I’ll just try to make some better choices food wise, like if I go to a cafe I’ll just have cake with NO cream or smaller cheeseburger meals…..Small steps.

I’d also like to be a bit more adventurous, maybe I’ll even go all out and leave the house a few times a week!!! I know, I know…..I’m just living on the edge now.

Today I bought a Ghostbusters T-shirt of which I am sooooooo in love with…which means I will probably end up wearing it until new years (Don’t judge me, I know you people do the same thing and I will still be showering…possibly) so another goal will be to wash my shirt! I know it’s a very easy goal to achieve but it’s important to set smaller goals for yourself, because once you do it you feel freaking awesome about life….plus it makes not accomplishing other goals not seem so bad. “I may not have carried out my goal to take over the world but I washed that dirty shirt like a boss!”

Anyway, I hope everyone has a very merry/safe Christmas and a lovely new year! I’ll be back writing regularly (hopefully) in January, so I hope you will all stick around to see what crazy antics my cats and eventually my child can get up to.

Here is a funny comic strip that made me chuckle, last one for the year wooooot. Much love and all that jazz.



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