My cat is a super freak.

Midnight is a very strange creature and I’ll be honest, sometimes I wonder whether he is actually a cat at all. Here are some of the weird things he does.

You know how people say that cats always land on their feet? Well Midnight must have missed that memo because when he falls off things he tends to land on his back or his face.

While Iggy jumps in and out of things with the grace of a small furry ballerina, Midnight leaps around like some sort of drunk frog!  Tables or really anything with a smooth surface area tend to be tricky for him because he always seems to slide right off, taking with him anything in his path.

When it comes to boxes or clothes baskets I wouldn’t call what he does jumping, it’s more like he topples in and out of them…often knocking them over, almost always trapping himself underneath.

If he does something wrong and he gets caught he freezes on the spot and just stares at you, as if it somehow makes him invisible?

He is INCREDIBLY awkward, he will come up to me for cuddles and it will take him 5 minutes just to get into a sleeping position because he keeps pausing to stare at me. To save time I just lay him down on me and he ends up going right to sleep.

Midnight, like any cat, likes to relax…the thing is though, he likes to relax riiiiggghht on the edge of the bench. So when he falls asleep he ends up rolling off and landing in the recycling bin.

He has the WORST meow I have ever heard, it’s more like a paranoid shriek. You might be thinking “Well that’s alright, plenty of animals sound horrible but it’s not like he meows all the time”…..Oh how wrong you are! He meows when he is hungry, when he can’t find Iggy, when he can’t find the humans, when you call out his name, when you sit on the ground to give him cuddles, when he is happy, when he is sad, when he is bored, when you startle him, when you walk past him and scratch his head, when he wants your attention WHICH IS ALL THE TIME! Sometimes he will even meow at you if you gain eye contact!

He seems to have the memory of a goldfish, if I’m having a bath he will try and jump in with me that is until he remembers that he hates water. Or he will watch you leave the kitchen and then a few minutes later he will start meowing because he assumes you have disappeared or died.

He gets separation anxiety if you go to the toilet and close the door…..well Iggy does too, they will just sit there and scratch the door. Iggy will let out a soft little meow while Midnight screeches next to him.

But I don’t care about these things really, I love the fact that Midnight is such a weirdo. It’s what makes him fit in so well… he brings the husband and I endless amounts of entertainment.

UPDATE: Soon after publishing this, Midnight got his head stuck in the clothes rack.


I think he is dead.


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