The Night Of Elisa *Review*

I was perusing the Goodreads giveaway section one day, when I came across this beautiful looking book called “The night of Elisa”. Before I even read the synopsis I entered the giveaway because I knew I had to have it, so of course I was gutted when I didn’t win but I was so determined to have the book I decided to buy it. The book was a good price but unfortunately postage was the killer and I had my heart set on a hard copy because the illustrated version looked stunning.


See! Check out this cover!!!! As if you wouldn’t want this sitting on your shelf! P.S The author did this artwork!

Long story short, the author (Isis Sousa) was generous enough to send me a copy to review….So here we go.

The story is set in the late Victorian era and centers around a young woman named Elisa who is stuck between two worlds, in one world happiness and love await her but in the other a sinister man with cruel intentions lurks in the shadows. On top of all of this her health is deteriorating fast, so she has to pull together all the courage and strength she has in order to stand her ground and fight back.

That is all I’m going to tell you about the story line as I don’t want to give too much away!

The book was SO easy to get into because you really do get thrown into the story at the exciting point rather than having that build up, which I really liked. But even though it moved fast it still flowed so well and the writing style is extremely descriptive which made it strangely feel like I was dreaming it all rather than reading it, if that makes any kind of sense.

The characters are all very endearing and lovable…..(well apart from the douche-bags) and I spent a lot of time struggling to figure out where I would want Elisa to end up. It’s really nice when you can instantly feel connected to characters and feel involved in it all.

I was lucky enough to get the illustrated edition which has beautiful pencil drawn pictures throughout the book of various characters and objects from the story, each page also has beautiful boarders which adds such a lovely touch to the whole thing. I highly recommend getting this version if you plan on buying the book…which you totally should!

It was really lovely and very quick to read as it’s only 207 pages long, but if you end up loving the story like I did you will definitely think it ends too soon! It was really cool to read a Victorian style Gothic novella and I really feel that Isis (The author) went to extraordinary lengths to create a beautiful world for her readers.

The best part is that The night of Elisa is now available on a lot more websites but I would probably recommend getting it from here –

And if you would like to find out more about Isis Sousa you can find her here –

I can’t wait to see what Isis comes up with next!


One thought on “The Night Of Elisa *Review*

  1. Dear Kass, thanks for the lovely review and for taking the time. It was absolutely nice to know how you see the story and your thoughts of the work. 😀 This was a thrilling review 😀 Big cheers!

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