Some couples come up with really cute and unique ways to announce that they are going to be parents, but the husband and I didn’t come up with anything.

So hey everyone, I’m pregnant!

I’ll be honest, the baby was a complete surprise. The husband and I were pretty shocked and I don’t think it really sunk in until we saw the little jelly baby in the first scan, needless to say we are both happy and terrified.

Mentally for me there are some risks, because of the Bipolar I had always said that I wanted things to be more planned out so we had some strategies in place to handle any craziness that may occur with me but I suppose life doesn’t work that way. I’m lucky though, I have a large support network and a great doctor who is extremely helpful and kind.

I am terrified about becoming a mother, all I know about babies is that if they start crying you should probably give them back to their mum/dad but now I will be the person that people are giving a child back to……Fuck. I know the things you’re NOT supposed to do so that’s a start, and people tell me you learn as you go….here’s hoping.

My biggest question is, at what age is it appropriate to introduce your child to the star wars films??!?!?! ANYONE?!!?!?

The feline family members sense that there is a change coming and once the baby arrives I’m pretty certain that they will NOT be thrilled with the new house resident, they may surprise me though….some cats love kids…..don’t they? Ah well they will be fine! The baby won’t be able to move itself around for a little while so at least they will have some time to get used to it…..or at least find some good hiding places.

Well I’m going to go and stuff my face full of food because the baby is hungry……yup….the baby is the one that ate that pack of biscuits in one sitting, DEFINITELY wasn’t me.



2 thoughts on “SURPRISE!!!!!

  1. Congratulations!! Much love! ā¤

    Also, any age is appropiate for your kids to watch Star Wars in my book. lol My daughter is 5 and I'm already teaching her how cool it is. šŸ˜‰ Honestly though, she gets scared easily but a few days ago when we were looking at Star Wars legos, I told her some day soon, you will LOVE Star Wars.

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