So romantic….is it though?

I am a pretty mushy person, I enjoy reading chic lit and watching romantic comedies but I really REALLY hate inspirational love quotes that are accompanied by a “romantic” picture.

Here are some pictures and my thoughts…..Begin rant.


Safe driving?!?!? Phft who gives a fuck, I’m in love!

So if you want to bag a lover, which should be your number one goal in life *insert sarcasm* then the best thing for you to do is change yourself! People aren’t interested in the real you! If you need some help changing, Cosmo is more than happy to remind you of all of your flaws! Once you fix them up you will have more lovers than you can handle!!


This picture is so romantic…we should use it again!

This is so true, is gets really tiresome being a “real woman” all the time, so it’s definitely a relief for me when a “real man” comes along and does things for me…..they are just so strong and smart and after all, I’m just a weak little woman.



Yeah, buy me expensive things and I will let you make ALLLL of the decisions for the rest of our lives, because I’m just a stupid woman and I only like pretty things! TEHEHEHEHHE….Fuck off.

I kind of went a little crazy, but I find these little “quotes?” so fucking ridiculous! What the hell is a real woman?!?! What the hell is a real man??!?!? And why do you have to be in either of these categories to deserve to be treated with respect and love??!? How about EVERYONE JUST TREAT EACH OTHER LIKE FUCKING EQUALS AND WE GET ON WITH OUR FUCKING LIVES!

OK, my rant is over….If you enjoy these types of things that’s totally fine!! Some people do find them romantic and like I always say, it’s all gravy!…..It’s my catchphrase since I have used it two or three times.

I shall leave you with a picture and statement that I DO like.


Sooooo sexy, those eyebrows are on point!


2 thoughts on “So romantic….is it though?

  1. I always get my advice from Cosmo. As a fat 42 year bald man, they write about things true to my heart. I know they make me a better person and I am using their insider information to kick some ass in the lover department. Great post! You are spot on. Keep up the good work!

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