Alright everyone, this is going to be hard to hear but please try to remain calm.

*Deep breath*

We are currently in a hazelnut crisis….

Now a lot of you may be thinking “Why is this a problem?”

Well my friends, I’ll tell you…………Nutella contains hazelnuts….

Most people are aware of this fact because it does say it on the label, but there may be people out there that are always too overwhelmed by what Nutella represents for them that they lose the ability to read in it’s presence.

“Whaaaaaat! You mean this is a jar of chocolate spread that I can put on my morning toast without being judged?!?!?”

Now after some mild googling extensive research, I have discovered that the company that makes Nutella has released a statement basically saying “Hey don’t freak out ok! We don’t THINK that this will impact on the availability of this product…so just chill” 

But what about the price of Nutella??!?!? Will I have to win the lotto in order to keep feeding my habit??? or will I have to start stealing jars of the stuff out of the store in my pants?!?!

Who fucking knows!!

In the meantime I have been trying to figure out what kind of chocolate spread I could use instead, sure there are knockoffs but they taste like dirt compared to the real thing….I suppose I could just start melting down bars of chocolate and using that instead. But I don’t think the husband would go for that though…..the sugar crash would be horrendous. 

You know what, I’m not even worried! if all else fails I can just give up Nutella! I’m not even that into it anyway…… you don’t even need to hide that jar you have there, it’s perfectly safe!!….In fact, I’ll watch it for you!


You can’t prove anything….











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