Video game fury.

Today I was playing a game called “Limbo”. It’s a relatively short indie game about a boy who is going through all of these obstacles/puzzles to find some chick. You should know that I am a fierce rage quitter, but I was determined to finish this game…this determination however, resulted in a deep seeded fury unlike anything I have ever experienced before (May or may not be an exaggeration)

There was a particular chapter of the game I COULD NOT pass, it was so bad that I had to refer to YouTube to get some extra help…but the video I was watching was SUPER laggy because the husband was downloading some things, this only served to fuel my already intense rage.

Me: Could you stop downloading please!

The husband: Why?

Me: Because I’m trying to watch YouTube but it’s not working *aggressively shakes phone in the air*

The husband: OK……

Me: OK….OK….I think I have figured it out now…

One minute later….

Me: I SAID JUMP!!!!! DO AS YOU’RE TOLD!!!! YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!! *Shakes laptop*

The husband: Just take a break babe.


As you can see, my rage brings out some of my most witty comebacks.

So after dying a hundred billion times I finally managed to get to the end of the game, I was expecting some big beautiful ending….but then my hopes and dreams WERE SMASHED INTO BILLIONS OF PIECES…WHAT DID IT EVEN MEAN?!?!?!

But I finished it! And I only had to cheat once….well twice….five times!! Are you impressed? I bet you are.

It was an ok game, visually it was beautiful but the story was pretty open to interpretation so it didn’t really make much sense in the end. It’s also pretty dark and gruesome so I wouldn’t recommend it for the little ones.

I think, for the safety of the husband and the general public, it would be better if I play video games alone…in a locked room…preferably a padded room so I can’t break things.

But don’t worry…..I’m completely calm now…..totally calm


Seriously…….I’m fine.



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