What could go wrong?

I decided to start searching for a job, I would like to say it’s because I’m an adult and I should be out in society, but really it’s only because I desperately need money for a new bookshelf….because priorities and all that jazz.

Sadly there were no jobs I was qualified for, so I decided to go to the one place that has all of the answers….Google.

There are an alarming amount of “Get rich quick” schemes or the old “100 ways to earn some extra cash” ideas floating around the internet, so I thought I would share my favourite ones with you.

Keep in mind that these are ideas from ADULTS trying to help other ADULTS.

Here we go….

Have you got a vehicle? Well hey! You should offer to give strangers lifts and charge them $2 or something (Actual idea for a “quote”). Come on, what could possibly go wrong!?!

Children have always enjoyed running little lemonade stands out front of their houses, well it’s time to get in on that! Those kids need to get back in the school yard where they belong and leave the business stuff to the adults! After all, there is nothing sexier than a grown man who works for himself.

Pop on down to the nearest black market and sell one of your kidneys! After all, you will only need one of them….probably….

You know those assholes that buy as many concert tickets as they can and then sell them for ridiculous prices? Well you too could be one of those assholes! You’re your own boss now, you charge what you want!!!!!

If all else fails you can always head to the casino!! If you want to win big you should probably use all of the money you have or maybe you could borrow some money from that nice gentleman that is constantly followed around by bodyguards, but don’t worry, I’m sure you will be able to pay him back before he breaks your legs.

Needless to say, I don’t think I will be partaking in any of these investment opportunities anytime soon.

Maybe I’ll just start helping drunk people home for cash.


I’m going to be rich!





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