T-rex has got what it takes!!!

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I become obsessed with things very easily, I don’t mean crazy obsessed to the point that I start stalking people, well maybe a bit of light internet stalking but EVERYONE does that….they totally do.

ANYWAY, I have heard this Van Halen song at random times throughout my life but I always forgot what it was called so I could never download it (download it from iTunes of course because I always pay for my music/movies/audio books…ALWAYS…..) but I recently heard it played in a YouTube video so I finally downloaded it!.

But now I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not because I’m OBSESSED with it, which means that I have listened to it on repeat for a good 20 minutes now. It’s just soooo good! If my life had a soundtrack, and I wish it did, this song would be on it for sure.

Wait….I should make my life soundtrack playlist! So if I’m having a happy moment I can play my happy moment song from the playlist and have a happy moment montage! Yup, this is going to be a thing!

Once my playlist is completed I will put up some track titles so you can all get a feel for the chaos that is my life. How exciting!….well for me, not so much for you guys.

I think I might need to get out more.

The missing member of Van Halen!

The missing member of Van Halen!








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