Idiots and bell jars.

*PLEASE NOTE* I am not hating on all men, just this specific one. #notallmen……sorry, I had to do it.

Initiate rant sequence.

The internet is a scary and wonderful place, you can watch cute kitten videos or you can go check out the comment section of almost anything and watch the trolls just going about their day. I myself enjoy wasting my days away on YouTube, but sometimes I come across people that make me want to…how should I put this….punch them in the genitals.

Let me explain…

There is a little community on YouTube who have called themselves “BookTubers”, because apparently they needed a name… I like watching some of these videos, it’s a cool way to discover new books and see what other people are loving.

So I came across a dude on the YouTube machine who was doing a bookshelf tour. He went through all of his books, which were predominately literary classics by male authors, and pretty much shoved a pretentious stick up his butt and rambled on about how they all gave him a literary boner…except for Jane Austen because she is “the worst writer ever”…..O…K…

Then he decided to do a book review and he had chosen The bell jar by Sylvia Plath. He started out by saying that he didn’t like the book. Fair enough, tell me why you didn’t enjoy it kind sir……… “It was too depressing”….well yeah, The bell jar is a bit self indulgent when it comes to the whole “being sad” kind of thing, but I think it was meant to be that way, oh hey wait a minute… what would I know, I’m a woman!

He continued his review by talking about how cliché and overly emotional Plath, and most other female authors are, and that he felt it was a profession that should be left to the men.

So in the end it was pretty much “Hey there check out my bookshelf and this review, look how deep and philosophical I am…Oh by the way WOMEN SUCK”

I am aware that everyone has different tastes and opinions about things, and hey man that’s groovy, each to their own and such. But sometimes your opinions make you a DICK!

Don’t feel bad female authors, it’s hard to be a good writer when you are stuck with all of those hormones and a vagina. At least you tried!! It’s best we leave the literary writing to this guy, he knows what he is doing……..

Keep up the good work buddy.






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