What NOT to wear – Superhero edition!

Superhero costumes can be awesome but let’s face it, some of them are horrible/hilarious.

Top five worst dressed superheroes….OK….GO

#5 The Phantom

I can’t imagine anything LESS intimidating than a dude in a purple suit, riding around on a white horse…in a forest…with magical rings…hmmm, I wonder if Captain planet gave them to him.

Hi-ho silver, AWAY!!!

“Hi-ho silver, AWAY!!!”

#4 Green Lantern

Nice mask buddy.


“Let it go, let it gooooo!!”

#3 Daredevil

Leather outfits are a horrible idea for someone who is running around fighting crime, it would really seal everything in…….everything…..


“Leather was a bad choice”

#2 Old school Superman

I hope he has another outfit for stealth mode, because he isn’t hiding from anyone in that suit.


Dat fringe curl though.

#1 Old school Batman and Robin

I don’t think anything needs to be said about this one.


“Holy white tights Batman!”




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