It’s winter here in Australia which means that I officially want to eat all of the cheeseburgers and chocolate on earth, but I don’t feel bad about it because…..well….chocolate and cheeseburgers are delicious.

But apparently the internet feels that me looking for chocolate pudding in a mug recipes is not a great idea, so it tries to help me out by offering healthier recipe versions…..Google I know you’re just trying to help out but I have two words for you…..Fuck off.

Seriously Google, I have been wearing the same pair of pajamas for the last three days, I haven’t brushed my hair and I have been eating all of my meals in bed for……We don’t need to talk about that…..Do you really think I care about the amount of calories in my little mug of heaven? If anything I will probably make it even worse by putting cream on it, and by worse I mean even better!

Google also informs me that I am “exercising all wrong” HA jokes on you Google, I haven’t been exercising at all!!! HAHAHAHA…HA HA.. HA..ha….anyway….

Well it’s really late so I should go to bed, it’s far too late for pudding…..so off I go….to bed…..yup….



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