Holy identity crisis batman.

Alright, I feel like there is an issue we need to discuss.

Superhero identity’s

Now to be honest the closest I get to comic books is the comic strips in newspapers, so I don’t know a lot about superheroes outside of the movie, but I would like to voice some of my issues.

#1 As soon as Batman starts having a flirt-a-thon with a lady he pretty much gives his identity up straight away! He may as well pick the chick up in the bat mobile and save himself some time.

#2 Superman doesn’t wear a mask or anything which makes you think that he is cool with people knowing who he is, but then he takes his tight suit off and thinks to himself “I better have a disguise, just so I can have a normal life sometimes….hmmm oh I know, I’ll just wear some fucking glasses, that will throw everyone off instantly!”……..People are either humoring him or they are freaking idiots!

#3 Peter Parker AKA Spider-man takes his mask off SOOO MANY TIMES he may as well just not wear one at all! Better yet, he should just get some face paint and save himself the trouble of trying to breathe through that fabric wrapped around his head….Seriously, did he not think of adding a hole for his mouth?

#4 I don’t know who came up with the idea for those half mask things, but come on! If the husband came home wearing a mask I wouldn’t call the police because I thought he was some creepy murderer, I would know it was him!!

#5 The love interest are ALWAYS surprised when the hero finally uncovers his secret. “Oh I thought it was just a coincidence that you disappeared right before the hero turned up, this is all such a surprise!”………..*face-palm*

But in all seriousness I still love all these dudes and I would love to get into the comics so I can get some more back story. Also lady heroes should have more screen time!!!! Way more screen time!!

Now this dude would have no problem protecting his identity.

Now this dude would have no problem protecting his identity.


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