I could totally do that!

I am currently reading a book called “The night circus”, which so far is a really beautiful book about magic and illusions and a circus…obviously….but last night as I was reading I started thinking to myself “Hey you know what, I could probably be a magician and I can also read tarot cards so I could totally be a fortune-teller, hell I could probably start my own circus if I wanted”. After spending the better part of 10 minutes thinking about my life as a magician I realised that this isn’t the first time I have convinced myself that I’m capable of doing something just because somebody else is doing it.

I really enjoyed The mummy, you know, the one with Brendan Fraser.. so I convinced myself that I should become an archaeologist, because obviously I would be PERFECT at it. So I chose ancient history for year 11 and 12 thinking that it would help me prepare for uni, when I would be studying stuff like that full-time and I thought to myself “This is it, you have finally decided what you are going to do with your life”…yeah…that one fell through, but I do still have a love for history and archaeology.

Grey’s anatomy is another perfect example, I became OBSESSED with this show!! so much so that I convinced myself that becoming a doctor was my calling. I even went as far as to look into university courses. After a little while I decided that I would probably make a better nurse and then eventually I realised that it was a stupid idea because people tend to think I’m weird.

Here are a few of my other very brief ideas…

Gilmore girls – You know, I could run my own hotel

Pretty in pink –  I should become a fashion designer

Matilda –  I should become a teacher….wait no…THAT would be a hot mess

Saw an Annie Leibovitz exhibition – Yup I should totally be a photographer…I even did a course during that obsession.

The funniest one would be an occasion where I went into a gypsy shop and decided that I needed to become a naturopath, I even bought books about it and started coming up with ideas for a shop. That one still makes a few of my friends laugh.

One thing I always come back to is writing, I have always enjoyed it and it has always come relatively easy to me, and all of those other ideas aren’t too bad. At least I didn’t decide to make a meth lab after I watched breaking bad….THAT could have been a disaster….or perhaps I missed my true calling? We will never know…


I do think I have a promising future in photo editing though….

Nailed it.

Nailed it.





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