Bitch got swag.

A plumber came to fix some taps today and he called me ma’am about 6 or so times within the fifteen minutes he was here.

When the hell did I become a ma’am??!?!?! I know it’s only meant in respect but come on!!! I’m wearing an adventure time jumper and I’m watching Archer WHICH IS A CARTOON!! Albeit an adult one… but come on!!! Do I seem like a ma’am to you?!??!…..Don’t answer that….

It’s not that I dislike it because it makes me feel old, I just think that it’s nicer to be called miss. All of the interesting girls in Jane Austen novels get called miss, so I want to be a miss as well god dammit!!!

And anyway, I’m hip and down with it and way too fly to be called ma’am….bitch….




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