The joys of procrastination.

I know I said I would be doing reviews for a while but I haven’t actually read/watched anything that I would consider worth reviewing. So I thought I would talk about my favourite things from this month so far.

Song: At the moment I am loving Team by Lorde, which is a song off her album “Pure Heroine”. I really want to see her live which I may be able to do since she is coming to Australia really soon.

Book: I really enjoyed “Hollow City” by Ransom Riggs, it’s the second book in the “Miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children” series. Riggs has written his story around vernacular photographs he has found, it makes the book so interesting and beautiful.

Film: My absolute favourite film this month is “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2” I loved the first one a lot, and the second one did not disappoint. I was going to say “Frozen” But I have been watching that one since it came out so it really doesn’t count as this months favourite. My love for it is true though, just ask the poor husband who has had to endure multiple viewings of it…which may or may not have included me singing along…..

Television series: I have just discovered the series “Girls”, I’m very late to this party since they are already in the third season but at least I am at the party now. The story follows a girl named Hannah and her struggle with life and her aspiring writing career in New York City. The best thing about this show is that it’s true to how girls in their twenties can be, and the characters are so easy to relate to and love, plus it’s hilarious.

Onto other news. I have started my uni course, I actually started 3 weeks ago but I have been trying to keep it on the down low for some reason. You would think since I have only just started the course that I would be focused and ready to learn…..if you thought this, then you would be very mistaken.

I tell myself that I need to do some uni work so I get a drink and log into my uni site ready to do my readings and then……I go and do something completely different. YouTube is now my arch nemesis…I am also organising the husband and my best friends (sister in-law) joint birthday party, it’s fancy dress which means I obviously can’t study until I figure out all of the details. This means my weekly readings remain open, but the most I seem to do is scroll through and pretend I’m doing something.

While I was writing this I had a bit of a break because, you know, I had important things to do….Like looking at funny Gifs…..You’re welcome.




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