Ramblings of a shut in……

Salutations my friends, and welcome to 2014!! Wooo yeah!!!  I hope everyone had a rad Christmas and new years and all that junk….

I have been a little MIA recently and I would love to say that it’s because I have been soooo busy…..but that would be a lie…..I have just been lazing around the house with the husband, who is on holidays right now. Sure we did some stuff that meant we had to leave the house, and I had put a bra on a couple of times which is pretty impressive…well I think it is, so since I put on a bra once or twice this week that means I don’t have to wear one for the next two weeks…you know…as a reward….

Another reason I have been absent for so long is because I have developed an unhealthy addiction to YouTube, I have subscribed to a few new people (I will put their links down below in case you wish to check them ouuuutt) and I can’t stop watching their videos. Luckily the husband has become addicted to Skyrim (AGAIN) which means I don’t have to feel bad about doing nothing!! So we sit in silence, but every now and then we talk about what we are going to have for dinner and argue about who is going to cook it…..Romance at it’s finest.

Anyway……Christmas was good, I got A LOT of Adventure time stuff (that is my other addiction, and I am not ashamed!!) My youngest sister was laughing at me because while she received home-ware stuff because she is moving out soon, I received Adventure time plush toys….and an Adventure time onesie……I did get a foot spa as well so that is age appropriate!!

New years brings out some of my more destructive traits…it usually goes like this……EXCITED EXCITED EXCITED, don’t eat anything because that will just take up much-needed drinking space, DRINK ALL THE THINGS, pull out some awesome (awkward) dance moves, have inappropriate D&M’s with people, tell everyone how much I love them, I FEEL SICK, wait no I don’t, WELL DRINK SOME MORE THEN!!, ramble ramble ramble, EAT ALL THE THINGS, feel sick, spew, pass out……..

So I decided to have a chilled new years eve with one of my close friends who is pregnant, instead of booze we drank coke….a lot of coke….and ate spaghetti and we ushered in the new year by waving our hands in the air, excitedly hugging one another and clinking our celebratory coke and cookies together softly yelling (her two girls were in bed) “Yay for the first coke and cookie of 2014″……..It was at this time we realised that we were slightly old and slightly (very) mental.

Honestly though, it was the best new years eve I have had in a long time. No drama, just D&M’s, laughter and a sugar buzz. The husband and my friends baby daddy rocked up not long after midnight, they had attended a party where the theme was beauty and the geek, which is a show where “nerds” change themselves in order to be more appealing to a bunch of air head “beauties”. The husband and my friends baby daddy had chosen to go as beauties (of course!!!) and let me tell you the only thing stranger than helping your husband pick out a dress to wear is having your husband be PICKY about what he is going to wear.

Husband: What about that red one?


Husband: I think I like the red one better


They were the prettiest drag-queens at the ball…..anyway…..

I made some cliche new years resolution about eating healthy but I ruined that one, ohhh I don’t know….about a day in, so whatever. Instead I am just aiming to write blog entries more frequently, maybe jazz it up a bit….we will see how it goes.

I leave you with this completely unrelated Gif, that I wasted the last five minutes watching and laughing crazily at…..


P.S here are those YouTube links.




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