Manic zombies!!!!!

Today I decided to clean the bathroom so I got all of the things I needed and off I went. Once I got to the shower I thought to myself “I should take my pants off so I don’t get bleach all over them”….There I was, sitting in the shower scrubbing away in my undies and  I didn’t think anything of it….

I continued cleaning and then after I had vacuumed, taken the rubbish out, cleaned out both kitty litter trays and hung up some washing, I decided to sweep the floor….as I was sweeping the kitchen floor I realised something……I hadn’t put my pants back on….

This ladies and gentlemen, is a manic episode….

A plus side of these events is that my house becomes immaculate….I do some of my best cleaning when I’m up….there are downsides though…..

1. I become convinced there are people living in my roof…..Like I’m pretty sure there isn’t….maybe….

And 2. My attention span is shot…… I could be best friends with a goldfish,the only problem would be that within a few seconds neither of us would remember what we were actually doing.

Anyway I watched the original “Nightmare on Elm street” and it was amazing!!  It always blows my mind when I compare original horror films with the remakes, it’s crazy to see how much the genre has changed.

My mum used to tell me about the first time she watched the original “evil dead”, she said it scared the pants off her….so we all watched it and I remember laughing my ass off at how ridiculous it all was. The husband and I went and watched the remake at the movies this year, the level of gore was very different….enjoyable….but different…

To be honest, I prefer the special effects from the classics. There’s nothing better than watching, what is obviously red paint, gushing from a person after a zombie has taken a chunk out of them.

…….anyway….this post didn’t turn out exactly the way I had planned……..TADAAAA



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