Hyper cats and Christmas trees.

It’s the first of December here in Australia land, so the time has come to decorate the place as if Christmas has exploded into your living room. Due to a few medication changes I had become somewhat of a Grinch and had decided that I didn’t want to put my tree up at all, but I changed my mind.

So up my tree went and I found myself getting into the Christmas spirit, remembering how things used to be when I was a kid, putting up our tree while listening to carols and all of that other corny stuff….It was always a relaxing time…..This relaxing stage does not happen when you own cats.

Oh the cats…..

As soon as I started pulling the tree out of the box Midnight rocked up (although as soon as anyone sits on the floor he runs to them for pats so the tree was just a bonus for him)…, at first he sat watching me but then he started interfering by playfully attacking the lights as I spent the better part of ten minutes untangling them. He lost interest quickly though and pretty much just sat around swatting things every now and then but mostly laying by me, just hanging out.

Then Iggy came…

Iggy is the naughty one, the black sheep of the family so to speak…He watched for a while, creeping closer and closer to the tree trying to be stealth….quietly observing….probably thinking about how much of an idiot I was for thinking that he wouldn’t destroy this beautiful sparkly play thing.

It was when I finished putting it up that the trouble started…

Every time I heard the tree shake I screeched at the cats, hoping that after a while they would be too scared to go near it…..oh how wrong I was.

Iggy was not fazed, he would scamper away luring me into a false sense of security before he came bouncing back to get yet another bauble from the tree. The husband and I decided early on that we should move the tree away from the blinds, we knew from last year that the tree would be knocked down many times…last year they were actually trying to sleep IN the tree, which is why it has bald parts.

I started Googling “How to protect your Christmas tree from cats”….funnily enough the first thing to pop up was that sentence. Many people had some hilarious stories with photos to go along with them, plus some pointers on ways they have made their trees last, or at least not get knocked down as many times.

The search is still on for the best method of protection, if I find one I will let you know.

Until then….Iggy lingers…..

2013-12-01 17.58.02




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