Bookshelf creeper.

Recently there have been a lot of fires around the state that I live in, so the husband and I were talking about what we would do in the event of a fire….besides run…..We were talking about the things we would grab and we were pretty stumped because we love all of our things, obviously not more than our safety or each other, but there are some things that you just can’t replace.

While the husband was talking about the essential items we would need to take, I was busy thinking of which bag would be big enough to fit all of my books and cats into…what?!?! I don’t have mixed up priorities! ….it would need to be a pretty big bag…maybe if I used the suitcase and all of my other smaller bags, I’m pretty sure I could get most of them out that way…and I could just put on as many of my clothes as I possibly could…I think that could work…

You know what will happen though, the moment will come where I need to put this plan into action and I will probably grab some meaningless knick-knack, a photo frame and a pair of undies and the cats will probably beat me to the car.

Another hypothetical conversation the husband and I have is “what would we do if we won the lotto”.                                                                                                                                 Well what I would want to do is buy a house with a huge room that I could make into a library, ideally I would love a library like the one out of Beauty and the beast.                       In their library they had ladders so they could reach the top shelves, do you get what I am saying?…their library was so big that they needed LADDERS!!                                             If I had my own library I may become a shut in though and the husband would probably not go for that…although if I set up a gaming room for him he would be so absorbed in that he would have no time to think about me becoming a crazy cat lady shut in…BOOM!!           Take that one Dr.Phil, I don’t need any marriage advice!!!

If you haven’t worked it out by now I am pretty book crazy, I love them so much! The way they smell and how pretty they look when you first buy them, you know, before you drop food all over the pages…..Don’t look at me like I’m gross I know you all do it as well!

I am so book crazy that every time we have some spare cash I try to convince the husband that he should let me spend it on books…sometimes it works…ok mostly it works…but I am trying to be more grown up now which means no wasting all of our money!.                                                                                                                                   So just one book…or two…depending on the sale….ok three TOPS.                                 We haven’t had any spare money lately so I haven’t been able to buy anything new, I don’t have a problem though, I have so many books already which should keep me busy…I don’t even need any new books…. *twitch*

Anyway make sure to lock your doors tonight because if you don’t you might find me lurking around your bookshelves with a big bag….I wont be stealing your books though, pft I’m not that desperate…I just carry that big bag around with me all the time for my….           lip gloss….you can never have enough lip gloss…


P.S you have no idea how distracted I became when I found the site where this picture came from…which is here..


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