Sleeping Beauty did what!!?!??!?!

I have a habit when it comes to books. If I love the title or the cover just screams out my name as I pass it by then I will always end up purchasing it. Now I wouldn’t say this is a bad habit because sometimes it is hard to find new books to get into especially if you have just finished a series of books by an author you love, so my habit does broaden my reading horizons.

But sometimes this habit leads me horribly astray….horribly, horribly astray….just like it did with one of more recent purchases. Here is my tale.

Whenever we have an abundance of money we become like children and assume we can spend this money on whatever we please…. anyway this occasion came up a few months ago so I took the opportunity to buy some books online. I was considering getting some Anne Rice books because I had never really read any of her stuff before and I came across a box set that she had written under the pseudonym of A. N. Roquelaure called “The sleeping beauty trilogy”. I read the synopsis and it said it was “an erotic twist on the classic fairy-tale” and I instantly added it to my cart hardly able to believe my luck, hell yeah! Fairy-tales WITH sexy moments!!                                                                                 This weekend I finally got around to beginning the set, so I picked up the first book, sat down and started to read………..

Within a few pages I realised that my definition of erotic was not quite right…..while I had thought they meant the type of erotic where the sex scenes were more descriptive or that the book had more hot and heavy moments, apparently it actually meant that the whole book was just a massive sex scene that just happened to occur in different places and have a casual swap of partners and characters from time to time.                                         Another key point that the website seemed to have left out was that the theme of all three books was hardcore BDSM!!. For those playing at home who do not know what BDSM is let me give you a brief description courtesy of Wikipedia.

BDSM is a variety of erotic practices involving dominance and submission, role-playing, restraint, and other interpersonal dynamics

If you want a more thorough explanation you should go here

Now I am no prude, I have a fair few erotic novels in my book shelf and I don’t just mean fifty shades of grey, but never in my life have I ever read something this full on.                     I spent all of Sunday reading the first book “The claiming of sleeping beauty”, the title alone should have tipped me off to what the book would be about, every now and then I would turn to the husband

Me: I’m not sure if I like it or not

Husband: Why

Me: It’s pretty hardcore

Husband: *shrugs* If you don’t like it just stop reading it

Me: I’ll just read a little bit more…you know….just to see if it ah….improves.

Well I did keep reading…by Monday I was into the second book “Beauty’s punishment”, again I should have noticed the title…I spoke to the husband about it again

Me: Far out

Husband: How’s it going?

Me: I’m just trying to get through them

Husband: Not enjoying it?

Me:……..ah well…*clears throat*..yeah I dunno, it’s alright….not my thing….but it’s ok…I don’t hate it or anything….I don’t love it though….yeah…*continues reading*

It is Wednesday evening and I finished the final book “Beauty’s release” earlier on.     AGAIN WITH THE TITLE!!!!!                                                                                                     So yeah….. lets just say I can understand why Anne Rice originally wrote them under the pseudonym of A. N. Roquelaure.

What did I learn from this?…..When a book synopsis describes a novel as erotic I should probably research the book a little better.                                                                                 Will I try not be so impulsive with my book purchases in the future?…….Not a chance.



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