Let the sunshine in!!!

Sprrriingg is almost here in Australia and I can’t seem to get the song Aquarius/Let the sunshine in by The fifth dimension out of my head!!.                                                         The sun is shining, my pasty white legs are coming out of hibernation, I’m cleaning the dust off my razor, the flowers are blooming, so how could things get any better? Oh yeah that’s right, if someone could cure my FREAKING HAY FEVER BECAUSE IT IS RIDICULOUS!!! I pretty much want to rip my face off and take a bath in ice water….Anyway, this is why I haven’t had as many posts this week.

I had the scare of my life yesterday. Iggy and Midnight find various hiding places around the house, as cats do, but husband and I had pretty much figured out where all of them were and because of this we had tricked ourselves into a false sense of security figuring that we could not possibly ever lose them. Yesterday some men came to deliver our groceries (we are lazy) and I was unpacking them when I saw husband scanning the area.

Me: What are you looking for?

Husband: Have you seen Iggy, I think he might have got out when the guys came in with our groceries.


We began looking in all of the usual places, my panic setting in.                                   Husband started looking around out the front so I grabbed the box of dry food and started shaking it, because nothing makes my cats run faster to the kitchen than the sound of dinner time. Midnight appeared at my feet meowing at me but there was no sign of Iggy, I went out the front and started shaking the box and he still was nowhere to be seen. Husband was over the other side of the street looking everywhere, while I was standing in the drive way wearing my pajama shorts and a zombie kitten shirt holding a box of cat food….crying.                                                                                                               Husband walked further down the road thinking he might be in someones front yard and I just stood there crying while shaking a box of cat food calling out “Here pudda pudda, here Iggy”. I spun around and started walking slowly back towards the house pretty much resigned to the fact that Iggy was now gone forever, thinking of how I was going to break the news to Midnight and how lonely life would be for him without his brother, when I spotted Midnight watching me through the screen door and who do I see casually walk up to sit next to him? Yup you guessed it, freaking Iggy.                                                               I rushed into the house and got him in a boa constrictor like embrace, sobbing into his fur while telling him off “Where were you? I thought you were gone forever!”. Husband came in looking pretty relieved, I know he loves Iggy but I think the thought of having to deal with me if we were to lose him would be far more stressful than the actual loss itself, he says to Iggy, “Look what you did to your mother, now she is going to hug you and I know how much you hate that”. We eventually figured out that he was hiding under our bed, of which we assumed he couldn’t fit under anymore, but apparently he could still force himself under there albeit with not a lot of breathing room. Now I know how mums feel when they lose their kids while shopping….and yes I am comparing losing my cat to losing a human child, they are MY children!!..moving on.

It’s fathers day tomorrow so we are heading up to see husbands parental’s for the day since his mums birthday falls on the day after fathers day this year as well.                         My mum has pretty much raised my siblings and I on her own as my father was absent even when he was around, so she gets fathers day AND mothers day!

So here is something special for my mum.

Roses are red                                                                                                                           Violets are blue                                                                                                                         Hey mum happy fathers day!


So while all of you might think this really cool poster I purchased today might be irrelevant and could not possibly tie in with what I was talking about, you are all wrong!! While I do want to show it off because I love it, I also think it holds important information that everyone should know, especially my mum! So my fathers day present to my mum is the above advice….Do not feed the zombies.

Happy fathers day to all the dads in their many different forms and a special one to my mum. You are pretty alright, I might keep you around for a while =)


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