Oh the horror.

Over the years I have subjected my family and friends to some pretty B grade horror films, I would even go as far to say that some of them could probably be considered Z grade because they were that bad.

There is something about these type of films that I am addicted to. I am easily scared and I have had to cover my face in fear a couple of times…..ok pretty much through all of them…..But I still love it.

I recently went to the movies to see The Conjuring directed by James Wan, and I thought it was brilliant. It’s pretty much the standard horror film plot. Family moves into house and then a bunch of weird stuff happens and then things get worse so they get some people in to help then junk really hits the fan. It was still pretty creepy and I liked the fact that you could actually see the ghosts rather than the generic door slamming and the mysterious light flickering.

I think the worst horror film I have seen involved an alien demon, witches and an exorcist….I’m not entirely sure where the plot was going but husband and I turned it off when the exorcist started smashing the alien demon with sparks that came flying out of his hands….Kind of like emperor Palpatine from Star Wars….I love star wars….here is some of my star wars stuff,


Husband actually drew the “Yoda one for me” picture for me as a Valentines day gift, pretty cute, and I make NO apologies for the Star wars toys and I still stand by my decision to purchase the Chewbacca hat….best money I have ever spent.

Anyway, off topic again… I saw the new Evil dead remake at the movies as well, it was pretty good but I wouldn’t call it a horror movie, it was just blood, guts and a whole lot of missing limbs but it was still enjoyable. I did embarrass myself though when I was startled by one of the many studio logos that pop up before a film starts. I may have lost a fair bit of popcorn and gasped loud enough for others in the cinema to take notice…..So the gasp might have actually been a screech…..I never said I was cool.

I waste a LOT of time getting off topic, so much in fact that it is now 12.30 am which means I have been writing this for over an hour as I have also been watching TV and even though they are all episodes of shows I have seen I still become absorbed in them. Oh dear lord I am doing it again.

I’m out of here.



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