NOTE: Randomly grotesque, holy Ben Affleck batman!

Last night I had a dream that involved Ben Affleck, A documentary, A serial killer, forty-eight dead bodies (dismembered) buried next to a dance club, a garage filled with spiderwebs WITH MASSIVE SPIDERS and rats somehow living in the webs, Doors in a garage that I couldn’t lock, The body of my husband with a polar opposite personality and some other people and events that I would rather not discuss….

When I woke up one thing entered my mind…. BEN AFFLECK?!??!

A quick synopsis of my dream.

Ben Affleck was making a documentary on a serial killer that only came out for a certain amount of time every ten years. Forty-eight bodies (which were all dismembered) were found next to a dance club, I was pulled over by a cop for “running” a red light (but for some reason one side was red and the other was green so the cop let me off) so I was right next to the crime scene. Ben Affleck could be seen laying on all the bodies crying, but I don’t mean crying in a way that most people cry, NO I mean full on bawling, throwing body parts around and hugging other parts….Yeah… was like a character from south park or something. Later on the husband leaves me because I try to make him lock the doors in the garage, he refused to crawl through the webs that housed various species of rats and spiders to indulge my OCD habit of checking and locking everything. He then goes on about how much trouble I am and that I am not worth his time, gets his top hat and suit case and is on his way. I try to lock the doors myself, but the spiders and rats are just to much *shiver* and when I actually do reach the doors they can’t be locked anyway.

Anyway some other stuff happens, but I wont bore you with anymore of my issues.

So now you see what kind of stuff I have to deal with!!!                                                           I am extremely concerned. The dead bodies I can deal with because I have a sick obsession with horror films and my nightmares generally include obscene amounts of blood and gore at the best of times. I could even deal with the spiders and rats and the husband abandoning ship.                                                                                                        What I wont stand for is some psycho version of Ben Affleck having a starring role in my dream!. Sure I like some of his movies, he is a talented dude, but I don’t want him lurking around in my head throwing himself around like some emotionally unhinged teenager.

I think it’s settled……Ben Affleck and I will just have to stop seeing each other.


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