Introduction to the fur family.

I know I have spoken about my cats but I haven’t actually formally introduced you to them.

Let me tell you the story of how my two cats came into my life.

I have always been an animal lover so when my husband and I first started dating I spent a fair amount of time convincing him of all of the benefits that come from being a pet owner.

Me: You won’t have to entertain me as much because I will have a little friend

Husband: We can’t afford a pet though

Me: You can’t put a price on happiness!! Would you have me be friendless and lonely for the rest of my life!!

Husband: I think you are being a bit dramatic

Me: I AM NOT BEING DRAMATIC *drops to the floor crying*

I had convinced my lovely husband to let me get a puppy but things didn’t work out…..that is a story for another time.

Not long after we moved in together husband had to go away to sea (he is in the navy) and I was horribly lonely and I had just started a new job. So I sneakily started looking around for cats to buy online. I came across two cats that were brothers and they were named Edward and Jacob…apparently the ladies children had named them that.
Anyway I got in contact with husband and convinced him to allow it and then I did a 4 hour round trip to go pick up my cat, at which time I was pretty positive I would be bringing both Edward and Jacob home.

I arrive at this ladies house after becoming hopelessly lost…So this house looked like something out of hoarders. There was junk all through the front yard and the inside of the house was no better.
She invited me in and as soon as I stepped in it was obvious that the humans of this household may pay the rent but it was the cats that were the actual tenants.
There were cats EVERYWHERE, there were cats in cages,cats on tables,cats on chairs and there was even a cat sleeping in a bag in the bathroom. When I bought this up with crazy cat lady she says “Oh yeah he lives in there”…….

Anyway she brings over Edward and Jacob and warns me “Jacob is a very friendly cat but Edward isn’t much of a people person”
I go to pick up Jacob and he immediately hisses at me and runs away, if that’s not a sign I don’t know what is. Then I pick up Edward, he hides his head under my arm and starts purring straight away.
Now I wasn’t sure if this was because Edward liked me or if he was just so desperate for me to take him away from this hell, there was a few cats literally trying to climb my legs even one cat that the lady owned….not a great sign I would say.

For obvious reasons I chose Edward, I had bought a box with some holes in it so I had something to put the cat in. But once we pulled out he escaped from the box to roam around the car and eventually fall asleep in my lap.
I was working at a group home at the time so I took him to work with me for the night and renamed him midnight.

Midnight is more like a baby/dog than a cat, he loves belly rubs and meows at me until I pick him up and cradle him like a baby.

My second cat is less loving. It took me a lot to convince husband to let me buy him as he cost about $250. This is roughly how is went.

Me: Babe you know how you love me

Husband: Hmm

Me: Can I get another cat

Husband: Baaaabbe don’t do this to me

Me: Midnight is lonely!!!

Husband: Pretty sure he isn’t

Me: He is!! He walks around the house meowing at inanimate objects hoping they will meow back. He is in some kind of cat depression!!

Husband: How much is the cat you want?

Me: $250 BUT he is a…

Husband: Babe that is to much!!

Me: He is a Himalayan cross rag doll and I have ALWAYS wanted a cat of that breed ever since I was little (not entirely true)

Husband: *frustrated sigh*

Me: Paleeeaaasssee

Husband: Alright

Me: YES!!!

Anyway I picked him up and named him Iggy, but I soon found out that he wasn’t as easy going and cuddly as his adopted brother.
Although he is beautiful and cute he is a vicious creature that only seems to love husband.
While Midnight will let me pick him up and cart him around like a new born, if I try to do the same thing to Iggy he looks at me with these hateful eyes as if to say,
“If you don’t put me the fuck down I am going to gouge your eyes out with my claws and I will enjoy  it”

This is Iggy as a kitten.

This is Iggy now.

They are great though, I love them. Even though Iggy hates me and Midnight has reverted back to a baby due to his traumatic childhood. I couldn’t imagine life without them.

They do some crazy shit.



But they love each other.

This won’t be the last time I talk about these guys. I am definitely a crazy cat lady the only difference is I lucked out and got married so I have the ability to mask my craziness.

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