Whatever hits the funny bone.

I have a score to settle with my lovely husband, but before I ask the good people of the internet to solve this conundrum for us I will need to first off retrace to the beginning of this story…..This is how it all started.

We had just finished talking about when the best time would be for me to go to the navy base where the husband works so we can go to the bank and get an ID set up so I can get into the base. It had come back around to Tuesday not been a good day to do it because the time I needed to be there unfortunately coincided with the time some concert tickets I wanted to buy went on sale. So it was decided that Thursday would be the best day to do it….Anyway I moved to the kitchen to finish up some cleaning when the husband walks in brushing his teeth and says to me…

Husband: wuguur herkjffnrurne ger

Me: What?

Husband: nfenufnrujnrg rgnernge ger

Me: *Laughing* what?!?!

Husband: *moves his toothbrush to the side* Tuesday is hanger day anyway

At this point I was in hysterics

Me: What the hell is hanger day

Husband continues to brush his teeth

Me: You say it like it’s something I should know about

Husband continues to brush his teeth while smiling

Me: You say it like it’s something we talk about every Tuesday

Still laughing hysterically

Me: Can’t meet up tomorrow babe because it’s hanger day

By this time the husband had walked back to the bathroom so of course I follow him, laughing like a maniac.

Me: Hey guys can’t wait for tomorrow, IT’S HANGER DAY!!!

The husband is now in bed sighing and I brush my teeth while chortling away. I try to play it cool as I walk around to the bed and get in and snuggle right up to him. The husband who has now realised I have a plan up my sleeve sighs, which sets me into more uncontrollable laughter. Eventually I calm down and say “ok ok it’s time for bed”, I turn the light off and we lay there for a moment and I try to control myself as I say.

Me: I bet you are excited for tomorrow…since Tuesday is hanger day

The husband rolls over mumbling things that sounded like Jesus Christ or some form of cursing. I continued to annoy him about it until he cracked.                                                   (This generally involves him kicking the bed a bit and saying “BABE PLEASE” , while keeping a slightly jovial tone to prevent the inevitable mood swing back lash that would come from me thinking I was in trouble…which half the time is completely out of the blue and not provoked at all! like come on!  I only pat his face or spoon him and then breath heavily onto the back of his neck because I love him….Seriously….)

ANYWAY……so it was dropped and we went to sleep yadayadayada.

TONIGHT, we are sitting in the lounge room and he is playing the video game Injustice (great game) and apparently he is versing other people online. I am just sitting there, not being annoying at all…….. =l ….not at all saying things like “Can’t be playful at bedtime, can’t be playful before ten, CAN’T BE PLAYFUL EVER”…..when he suffers an apparent “unfair” loss which has made him pretty cranky. Things go quiet, so I smile and say..

Me: Is this because you are sad hanger day is over? *I begin cackling like a witch*

Husband: *sigh* It’s not even funny!

Me: Yeah it is, it’s hilarious!!

Husband: No…. it really isn’t. (he says that but he was smiling, although he could have been smiling at me thinking, how on earth did I end up in this marriage)

Me: Well I am going to write a blog entry and get everyone else’s opinion and I bet EVERYONE thinks it is HILARIOUS….

Now you are all up to speed….so now tell me….is this funny or not?……...

If you don’t think it’s funny then you are obviously the hilarity police trying to stop everyone else from having fun…..do you really want that kind of rep?…nobody will want to be friends with you ever…..

I’m off to laugh some more at my husband who has just asked me if I have seen his “little drill”!??! seriously?!??! he makes these things FAR TO EASY……tata..


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