A monster calls.

Last night I tuned into channel ten to watch the second last episode of Offspring (an Australian TV show for my international followers) and like many people around the country  I was saddened to see a fan favourite die. My husband seemed to find amusement from it though as I ranted to him about how the character couldn’t possibly be the one to die….while crying of course…..Shut up.

So I thought to take my mind off this emotional night that I might do some reading before bed. I picked up a new addition to my book shelf called A monster calls, a book that was inspired by an idea from the late Siobhan Dowd. Unfortunately Siobhan passed away due to breast cancer so was unable to finish the project so Patrick Ness took it up with the help of Jim Kay for the illustrations.

Before the story starts Ness speaks a little about Dowd, he says “She had the characters, a detailed premise, and a beginning. What she didn’t have, unfortunately, was time”. He does go on to say some more but I found that to be the most moving quote from the Authors note.

I don’t want to go into detail about the book for two reasons. One, I don’t think my run down could possibly do the story ANY justice and Two. When you pick up the book like me you might be expecting a different type of story and I feel that if I am to give away what it is all about it might take away the power of the whole thing.

All I will say is there are no words that could possibly describe how amazing this book is but if I had to choose some it would be these, breathtakingly beautiful and heartbreaking. Once I started reading I could not put it down. So at 1.30 in the morning my poor disorientated husband who is still half asleep, rolls over and finds me crying and this is how that conversation went.

“Baby what’s wrong”?!?!?                                                                                                         “This book” I held it up “Is so sad” cue insane wife sobbing uncontrollably.                         He sighs with relief and then starts lauging, “Aw baby, I thought you were having some kind of mental breakdown”                                                                                                         Then if not to make myself seem even more crazy I launch into a complete explanation about the book WHILE STILL CRYING! And did I mention that it was 1.30 IN THE MORNING!?!??!                                                                                                                        After all of that I apologised to my husband for waking him up with my crying over a book and his response is…….                                                                                                           “That’s ok babe, You’re a girl”. Ah love at its best.

Anyway….even though this isn’t entirely a book review I still give it infinity amount of stars because it is that good. I highly recommend that everyone read this book. Go to your library and borrow it, go to the stores and buy it and if you can’t find it there get online and purchase it because believe me it is worth the money and the postage waiting time.

It’s a really beautiful melancholy moment when you find a piece of work, whether it be art or writing or music, that moves you so much that you don’t think anything else you read or see or hear will ever have that impact on you again.                                                               This book will stay with me forever.


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