We need to talk about Kevin- SPOILER ALERT.

Ok so I know in my last review I said I was going to do the Witches of Eastwick and at the beginning I was really looking forward to it because I have loved the movie ever since I was younger, I did read the book and I kind of enjoyed it but it was really hard to get into. I did try to write a review but it didn’t flow very well and was pretty boring.

So I decided to do We need to talk about Kevin written by Lionel Shriver.

The book is a series of letters written by Eva Khatchadourian to her estranged husband Franklin. The letters are based around their lives together and how their son Kevin committed a massacre at his high school and turned everybody’s lives upside down.

Eva was uncertain about becoming a mother from the very beginning and only decides to try for one after her husband is extremely late home from work which leaves her realizing that if anything happened to him she would be all alone. Eva has a difficult time during Kevin’s birth which leads to her having trouble creating a bond with him after he is born. Although throughout both the film and the book Eva does try to connect with him, he rebuffs her every time, refusing to interact with her and always mocking her.

Eva is played by Tilda Swinton and Kevin is played by relatively new comer Ezra Miller who does an absolutely superb job as the psychopathic adolescent. The scenes between Kevin and Eva are almost painful to watch because of the tension between them and you are always left wondering what cruel act Kevin will perform next.

There are a few moments in the book between Kevin and Eva that they didn’t put in the film which I think they should have. These are moments where Kevin bestows on Eva his own version of kindness. I think that those moments are crucial to the story as they show chinks in Kevin’s otherwise cruel and closed off demeanor and while the film leads you to believe that Kevin hates his mother more than anyone else, the kindness he shows his mother (albeit his kindness is very sporadic) in the book makes  you wonder if Eva is the only person Kevin actually cares for. Another important part of the book is the ending, Eva is visiting Kevin in juvenile prison and he is nervous because he is about to turn 18 which means he will be transferred to an adult prison. The last conversation they have before the end of the book is the most honest conversation they have throughout the entire thing, in the film the conversation is cut very short which I think was a mistake.These final moments show Kevin being almost remorseful about his actions especially those towards his mother. The film did a good job of conveying these emotions but I think if they had of included the whole conversation it would have showed the audience how Eva and Kevin’s relationship had grown. Aside from these few issues the film stuck fairly close to the book.

I give both the book and the film 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend that you watch the movie or read the book, they are both amazing.

The book faces the old nature verse nurture debate, is somebody born bad or does personal experiences bring it out and how much are parents really to blame for their children’s actions.                                                                                                                 So what do you guys think? Can people be born “evil” or is it something that is bought out in a person over time due to circumstance and personal experience?


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