Things can only get beetttteerrr *insert music*

I tell you what, I am so sick of doctors it is stupid.

So I finally get diagnosed and I STILL have to wait around for the right medication because my GP doesn’t want to change it until I see the mental health Psychiatrist (who is about as helpful as a mop without a handle) so he can OK the med change. I understand all of this but it still sucks.

The weirdest thing happened yesterday, I had to walk to the doctors because husband had the car which was fine but on the way I was listening to music when the strangest feeling came over me. This feeling can only be described as being high in some way. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling though, my head is in a weird space I think.

In other new my cats caught a mouse yesterday!! Unfortunately I was to late to save poor little mouse dude, as it was I had to pry Iggy’s jaw open so I could put little mouse dude outside. I was sad that little mouse dude died but was very proud of my little creatures for trying to keep the castle safe…..Ok so I know that’s not why they caught it but let me dream ALRIGHT!?!?!?!

Don’t have much else to say sooo….

Take it easy mountain face.


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