Warm Bodies. Book to Film comparison. SPOILER ALERT!

I recently read Warm Bodies written by Isaac Marion and I loved it. Although I may be slightly biased as I have an intense love for all things zombie.

The book revolves around a zombie named “R”, he lives his corpse life in an airport with a community of zombies which includes his best friend named “M”. It is pretty obvious early in the book that R is unhappy with the zombie lifestyle and craves human interaction.

Enter love interest.

On a hunting trip R and his group come across their dinner, a group of young people. This is where R notices a girl that goes by the name of Julie. Unknowingly R eats her kind of boyfriend Perry but rescues Julie by masking her human scent under his dead corpse blood and whisks her away (at a very slow pace) back to his airport home.

When zombies eat human brains they get to see the human memories of their meal. R takes some of Perrys brain and learns more about his new friend and his last meal. Becoming more and more infatuated with Julie.

So at the beginning of the book the Bonies are introduced, the Bonies are the next step of evolution for a zombie. Kind of like zombie death really. They become these very scary skeleton like beings that kind of rule the roost so to speak. Anyway since R wouldn’t let anyone eat Julie a change has rippled through the ranks and suddenly zombies are beginning to feel things again, and the Bonies aren’t happy. M and the crowd of changed zombies were driven out of the airport and set out in search for R.

I don’t want to give to much away but of course it is very much like beauty and the beast as in girl is scared of boy, boy is awkward and creepy more so when he is trying not to be, after spending some time together girl learns that boy is different and is very intrigued, things go well but soon the girl wants to go home, boy unhappily agrees, so on and so forth.

The movie sticks to the book pretty well. R is played by Nicholas Hoult ( you may know him from the british series skins or X men first class) and Julie is played by Teresa Palmer (You may know her from December boys or Bedtime stories).

All through the movie I felt like there was something lacking between Hoult and Palmer, the chemistry was just off. I think that perhaps there may have been a person better suited to the role of Julie, maybe somebody a bit younger or somebody a little less glamorous. After all the living characters in this film are supposed to be living in a world where they are clutching to the remains of civilization after Z day has arrived.

Hoult did an amazing job playing a zombie, and he was probably the savior of the film. Along with some comedic relief from the hilarious Rob Corddry who plays Rs right hand man M. Sometimes the plot did become a little bit painful and like most movies adapted from books, they always seem to be missing parts of the book and replace them with unnecessary scenes instead.

Over all I give the book 8 zombies out of 10, purely because I love zombies and it was kind of awesome to get a glimpse into the mind of the walking dead.

As for the movie I give it 7 zombies out of 10, it was good and I liked it a lot (once again because of the zombie content) but there were a few things that were a bit off and the ending was rather cliche and not like the end of the book at all. It was entertaining though but it’s probably better off to wait for the download rather than pay the ghastly prices the cinemas charge to see it.

I think I have found a nice review cushion to sit on so I think I will stick to reviewing books to movie comparisons.

My next review will be on the classic The witches of Eastwick book to movie adaption.

Stay tuned.


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