Things piss me off, I can’t go into detail of course because this is a public blog and people see everything!! as much as I would love to not care…..I do, and as pissed off as I get or am currently I don’t want to hurt peoples feelings because I try not to roll like that.


I am fat at the moment, well I am fat most of the time but I am fatter than usual due to stupid tablets and stuff like that. I am trying to be healthy but unfortunately by dinner time I am in the “I don’t give a flying fuck” stage and end up with fried chicken or various types of burgers in my mouth and don’t even get me started on the desserts. ooooh the desserts.

I finally caved and got myself some fat pants. It was a choice made in pure frustration so it involved ripping fat pants off the rack and paying for them through the self serve registers with furious enthusiasm and then storming out of Kmart. Where they have everyday low prices for shit quality products =)

So I am married now, fuck yeah. I love it, I married a complete babe not some douche bag that treats me like shit which is AMAZING. Sometimes I look at him and think to myself. WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING WITH ME?!?! then he tries to put his finger up my nose or in my ear and I suddenly know the answer. He kinda likes me a fair bit. He thinks I’m kind of a big deal. =)

I have started a new job within the same company as before. For those of you that don’t know I am a disability support worker and previously I had worked in a group home. I met some amazing people but the hours were brutal and it just wasn’t for me. My moods are very much effected by my surroundings and I just wasn’t sure what I was doing or if I was even making any type of a difference. So now I work in a position where I go to peoples houses and help with whatever they want me to help with and it is much more rewarding. Given that I have only been working in this new position for a week and a half. I love it.

What else is neeeewwww, I went on my honeymoon to Mauritius. It was good. I think it was mainly amazing because I got to spend time with the husband. It was nice going away as well but I think so much has been happening over the last few months that the timing of things wasn’t amazing..Life has shitty timing.

I am off to Sydney on the 9th of May to go see some people about my craziness. I have high hopes that this will help me put some long term plans in place. Fingers crossed because I really need a change.

GAAAAAH I have to go for my full license, YES I am a married woman still on her green P’s   but I do things in my own time. But I can’t start using my married name on shit until I change my license and I don’t want to change my license unless it is me getting my fulls. I am crazy scared though, if I fail I fail, I can always try again……… =S

IHATEWISDOMTEETHTHEYCANSUCKABIGDICK…….I have a dentist appointment next Wednesday in case you were all worried or anything. I am petrified. I haven’t been to the dentist since high school and I have never really had any type or surgery so I am scared beyond belief of having to have my wisdom teeth out and having to be knocked out. So scared.

Anyway I don’t have anything else to say so I am going to go and do something, maybe I will clean……maybe not….

Until next time.


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