The first of many…


Welcome to my new and improved blog! As the name of my blog states, I will be ranting and raving about a great many things. So get ready for some pretty chaotic posts.

I thought today I would kick this blog off with a review and what better place to start than with a book turned film franchise that has caused a stir throughout the world.

The Twilight Saga…….don’t leave just yet =)

Written by Stephanie Meyer, the saga consists of 4 books.

  1. Twilight
  2. New moon
  3. Eclipse
  4. Breaking dawn

These books follow a teenage girl named Isabella Swan who moves to a small town called Forks to live with her father, but on her first day at a new school she meets a young man named Edward Cullen who isn’t what he seems. Long story short, girl falls for guy despite of the “danger” that can come of it and together they fight through a whole lot of drama trying to be together.

Of course what would a love story be without a third person to make it a little bit more interesting. Enter Jacob Black, who of course has a secret of his own. So begins a somewhat irritating love triangle that continues throughout all of the books until Jacobs love is transferred to another.

I don’t think I need to explain the story anymore because let’s face it, even if you haven’t read any of the books or watched the films you still have a basic knowledge of what Twilight is.

However some people have felt that it has been giving young girls an unrealistic and a somewhat disturbing idea of what happens in a relationship. This isn’t an unfounded opinion as throughout the books Edward creepily watches Bella sleep, needs to know where she is at all times and continually reminds her that she needs his protection.

Now while these little traits aren’t something that would make for a very healthy relationship I think people need to remember one thing…….THESE ARE BOOKS ABOUT VAMPIRES AND WOLVES!!!!!!!!!  Sure there are some things that people (especially females) can relate to, after all the book is from the perspective of a young lady and the book is first and foremost a love story. But I seriously doubt that young people are reading these books thinking “I can’t wait to date a dude that watches me sleep and keeps tabs on me constantly”. I think it’s more likely they are thinking “Damn Edward is one handsome vampire”.

There are a few cons throughout the saga though.

Bella gets pretty irritating, even Disney is all for girl power now so it’s about time authors started creating female characters with a bit more back bone and a little less whine!! While Bella does have some courageous moments through out the whole saga she is ultimately still completely Edward obsessed.

My biggest issue is that Edward, who throughout all of the books tries to convince Bella that he is a monster and that she is better off without him, takes his shirt off in the sunlight and he sparkles………..HE FREAKING SPARKLES. I love vampires, mainly old school Dracula because that dude is where it all started. So I am disgusted that Stephanie Meyer created a vampire that sparkles in the sunlight. He should be a ferocious killing machine, creating a bloody mess where ever he goes, not sparkling like a freaking teenage girl at a disco.

The love triangle is stupid, sure nearly every romance novel has one but this one is ridiculous. Bella constantly tells Jacob that she will never leave Edward, he persists though but anytime he decides that he has had enough and it’s time to move on she sneakily reels him back in by saying that she loves him as well. So Jacob stays and the next time the issue is bought up she reminds him that she will never leave Edward. So it continues on until the final book where Bella gets married, loses her virginity, gets pregnant, has a baby, dies, is reborn as a vampire…..yeah it’s a lot for one book…Anyway Jacob gets over Bella by “imprinting” on her daughter Renesmee….yeah cool name for a half human half vampire baby….NOT….anyway he creepily imprints (Imprinting is this thing where apparently a wolf meets someone and it’s true love, but have no fear!! Stephanie Meyer made it seem like if it happened when the person they imprinted on was so young that it was actually uncomfortable, it means that they just want to be like a big brother or some jazz…..still a bit weird) on her and yup, he is done and dusted with his loving on Mrs Cullen and everything makes sense in the world…..

As everyone knows the books became movies and while I was one of the fans standing in cue to see each of them, not a lot of people liked them. I am putting most of the dislike towards the horrid acting, that did improve throughout each movie but just wasn’t enough to tip reviews in their favour.

Kristen Stewart was an AWFUL Bella, probably because she seems to lack the ability to show any type of happiness and when it is shown it is…..well just very awkward. By the last movie she had improved somewhat….so good for her I suppose.

Twilight, the first movie was without a doubt the most atrocious. The acting was awful, the budget was low but the need for special effects was relatively high and it was just very uncomfortable and awkward situation for everyone involved….by everyone I mean the audience.

The savior has without a doubt been the soundtracks from each film. Filled with artists like Muse, Florence and the machine and a bunch of other really talented and somewhat unknown indie musicians, they have come along and created a mood and stimulated emotion that the actors themselves couldn’t inspire. They have saved the films and also set people up with a new taste in music.

All in all I enjoyed the Twilight saga. The books, although very simply written and lacking any real sort of depth outside of a teenage girls obsession with a boy, were still very entertaining and if anything at least they were the beginning of something that led to some pretty amazing musical talent. I enjoyed the movies as well aside from their misfortune of having to have a sullen, emotionless actress try to play a lead role that required her to actually show emotion as a love sick teenybopper. They were still entertaining and it was nice to see some characters that I had a soft spot for come to life.

I would give the franchise in it’s totality, 7 out of 10. In all honesty it would have been a higher score if Kristen Stewart hadn’t been involved at all. She ruined the books for me because now if I am to pick up twilight and try to read it again all I can see is her dead fish face staring back at me through the pages.

If you are just looking for an easy book to read that doesn’t take any brain power, is easy to get into, and has a few pretty awesome characters, then twilight is your book. However if you are a lover of gore and old school Dracula these books might not be for you as they do  make a mockery of vampires and wolves. Keep an open mind and give it a go……just borrow it from a library or a friend though because most people only needed to read the first book to know whether or not they hated it.

I think I have ranted enough,but at least I have given you a taste of what is in store…….don’t worry though, it won’t always be about young adult fiction.




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